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What does FPS mean? - News from Popever.com - Spy Camera Manufacturer China

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What does FPS mean?

by Janny | 3702 comments

Do you know what does FPS mean?
FPS is short for frames per second, a measure of how much information is used to store and display motion video. This term applies equally to film video and digital video. Each frame is a still image; displaying frames in quick succession creates the illusion of motion. The more frames per second (fps), the smoother the motion appears. Television in the U.S., for example, is based on the NTSC format, which displays 30 interlaced frames per second. In general, the minimum fps needed to avoid jerky motion is about 15 FPS. 30 FPS is considered to be good enough as real time. Some computer video formats, such as AVI, provide only 15 frames per second. To calculate fps per camera take the total fps in a system and divide it by the number of video inputs. For example, a 60 fps digital video recorder with 4 video inputs would result in about 15 fps per camera.

How long will a DVR Capture Card record for?
120 Frames per Second DVR capture Card fully recording 4 cameras at 30 frames per second for each camera

80 hrs will require 80 GB's of hard drive capacity

120 hrs will require 120 GB's of hard drive capacity

240 hrs will require 240 GB's of hard drive capacity

360 hrs will require 360 GB's of hard drive capacity

480 hrs will require 480 GB's of hard drive capacity

960 hrs will require 960 GB's of hard drive capacity

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